Right, so I actually went and put some new games up here. Then as I was cleaning up the filing system, I learned that apparently I am not allowed to put the home page in a folder, and it was deleted. So I had to re-link every game on the site, and it was not fun.


Again, if you know of a game you want me to add or you find a problem with the site, email me. I'm at parrotman555 @ gmail.com


New Games:



Lucky Tower (requires sound)

Meat Boy

Mechanical Commando

Ray Ardent: Science Ninja

Road of the Dead

Ultimate Assassin 2

Other Games:

Achievement Unlocked

Bloons Tower Defence 4

Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Trouble

Crush the Castle

Crush the Castle (more levels)

Don't Look Back

Drunken Masters (still not for touch pads)

Epic War

Four Second Frenzy, Fury, Firestorm


Gemcraft Chapter 0



Monsters Den: Book of Dread


Pillage the Village (very much not for touch pads)

Protector 3

Shift 4


Super Karoshi

Tactical Assassin 1 and 2

Talesworth Arena: Death Watch


The Last Stand 2

This is the Only Level

This is the Only Level Too

Warfare 1944

Warlords: Call to Arms